Doane Academy

The innovative partnership between Doane Academy and Studio Incamminati brings professional artists into the classroom so students can learn the techniques of contemporary realist art. They study, color, composition, still life, figure drawing and anatomy in the same way these principles are taught at Studio Incamminati.

The program at Doane – an independent Episcopal school on the banks of the Delaware in Burlington, NJ, serving students age 3 through grade 12 - focuses on students, grades 9 -12. Their advanced studio work also allows them to supplement their college applications with a superior art portfolio. It is taught by Robin Frey and Jarred Fisher

“We are the only school in the country to offer this program and are very proud of our strong relationship with Studio Incamminati,” said Doane Headmaster George Sanderson. “And, all of our students who work with Studio Incamminati benefit from their emphasis on close observation and critical thinking.”

Doane graduate Eliana Harrison, currently studying Art and Design at the University of Michigan, is one of many who have benefitted from the Studio Incamminati program. “The Studio Incamminati teachers at Doane Academy taught me most of what I know about art, became mentors to me throughout my time in high school, and are still people I can go to for advice and critique,” she says. “They have prepared me for my study of art and design in college, and I am grateful for their continued support.”

Doane Academy students created the below color studies, drawings, and paintings.

These color studies, drawings and paintings were created by Doane Academy students.