The painting is the culmination of all phases of the artist's life at Studio Incamminati. It's the junction of many things: technique and critique, advanced instruction and peer interaction, intensive study and solitary reflection. The finished artwork represents, if not the full mastery of art, then the full-fledged attempt to create art that informs and fulfills.

While Studio Incamminati honors the canon of realism and remains indebted to practices of the Old Masters, it revels in art that is complex, dynamic and quite contemporary. The artists are committed to using the paragons of the past, but ensuring that they bring enlightened meaning to the present.

Ultimately, the painting aims to prove the value of the studio's core philosophy that mastery of technique is prelude for creative expression. All the years spent honing skills and aesthetic sensibilities do more than provide the tools for meaningful communication. The Studio Incamminati experience gives the artist a uniquely rich context to use those tools and be truly creative.