2020 Graduation: Andrea Hart Finds Inspiration from the pre-Raphaelites

As this school year comes to a close we want to congratulate our 2020 graduating students both on their tremendous growth throughout our program and their resilience in finishing their thesis work through a pandemic! We know these artists will go on to create important and substantial work in their careers and we look forward to seeing their impact in the art world.

Graduating Student: Andrea Hart


Describe your visual thesis work:
For this visual thesis project I have three main sources of inspiration, the works of the pre-Raphaelites such as Waterhouse for stunning depictions of women in mythology, Adrienne Stein for her creative use of still life components with her models, and the musical “Hadestown” written by Anais Mitchell which modernizes two myths. All have come up throughout the process repeatedly. Viewing the stunning paintings and sculpture from a variety of influences is a transcendent experience that cannot be understated, but so has listening to the lyrics of “Hadestown” a multitude of times.

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Andrea Hart, Persephone, oil on linen, 36 x 60 inches, 2020 (Thesis Work)

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Andrea Hart, Hades, oil on linen, 30 x 40 inches, 2020 (Thesis Work)


What have you learned at Studio Incamminati?
Attending Studio Incamminati, has been a tremendous learning experience. The curriculum is well designed, and classes are clearly structured to the benefit of the student. In the beginning Incamminati deconstructs all pre-conceived ideas surrounding drawing and learning painting. The process of relearning information about drawing and painting is challenging but rewarding. If a student sticks with the process they will come out on the other end with far more knowledge than they initially realized. This is due in large part to Incamminati's greatest strength, the student body. Learning how to create a painting from start to finish is challenging but having companions to discuss creative problem solving allows us to see things from more perspectives. The more perspective, and objectivity one has, the better off the student will be.

Incamminati's program is interesting, because students are required to consistently search for new solutions to every painting. The ability to have meaningful discussion with other artists grappling with the same challenges is exceedingly helpful with this task. Faculty members are very open to these conversations, and supportive of the students as well, because they understand the complexity of learning how to paint in the realist tradition. In the future, I hope to do some amount of teaching myself, and pass on the knowledge I've gained to anyone wishing for it. Mostly, I wish to continue learning how to paint at a higher level, and to seek out the subjects that ring with truth and beauty.

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Andrea Hart, Fall Pumpkins, oil on cotton canvas, 12 x 16' inches

To see more of Andrea's work follow her on Instagram.