Studio Incamminati's emphasis on skill and technique goes well beyond the faithful reproduction of an object of study. It strives to unveil the human condition in its complexity and say something profound about us and the world we live in. Studio Incamminati strives to create meaningful art that will inspire generations to come.

The mastery of foundational skills positions the school's artists to be truly creative. The absence of such skills is paralyzing as it restricts the ability to convey the world in which we live. Our students learn to draw and paint the human figure and still life, work with light and shadow, refine form and shape, and interpret and understand color. While indebted to practices of the Old Masters, the curriculum is dynamic, using the paragons of the past to bring enlightened meaning to the present.

The curriculum consists of four successive levels, each demanding mastery of certain competencies. Advancement through the curriculum is contingent on the student's demonstrated mastery of skills at a specific level. Students who wish to advance present their work to Studio Incamminati's teaching staff for review at the semester's close. Augmenting Studio Incamminati's teaching staff is a host of guest instructors as well as lecturers in art history and anatomy. All are committed to helping a student realize his or her potential. 



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