Figure Painting from Life: Energized Start, Graceful Finish (Master Class)
Figure Painting from Life: Energized Start, Graceful Finish (Master Class)
Instructor: Seth Haverkamp
January 18 — January 22, 2021
Time: 9 a.m. - 4 p.m.
Tuition: $599

In this workshop we will concentrate on representing the human form in quick simplified shapes to capture the gesture of the pose. Using a limited palette, we will fill in the lights. Starting with large simplified shapes we will push the paint until we have a fully developed drawing. We will then work on pushing values to paint in the fall of light and add a three dimensional effect. Using a grey toned canvas with paint scumbled over it, with thick paint in the lighter areas, a fully realized figure can be achieved.


  • Succesful drawing and proportions by pushing paint and through actively thinking of large shapes.


  • The complexities of color will be simplified. Seth will show how Form and three dimension can be sculpted through a methodical color approach. By less color mixing and more layering of intense colors through scumbling, a unique look can be achieved.


  • Thick paint, how to handle it, and where to put it. This leads us into brush handling and paint control


  • Students will work from the live model.
  • Starting with quick gestural paintings of only a few minutes we will get the foundation set for working on longer poses. We will focus on being loose and abstract. Correct drawing comes from large shapes. The looser we are the more time we have to develop a fully rendered figure.
  • We will then move to longer poses with the last two days being one long pose.

Discussion Points

  • Planes, edges, color temperature, color harmony, three dimension, texture, paint handling and brush control, etc.
  • In addition, cloth, backgrounds, and finishing paintings will be addressed and demonstrated.


About Instructor

Seth Haverkamp has studied with internationally-known artist Nelson Shanks at Studio Incamminiati and renowned artist Robert Liberace. Known for his unique still lifes and portraits, Haverkamp derives his primary inspiration from beauty -- color, form, and the drama of light and dark. Along with interesting and unique still-life paintings Seth has done many commissioned portraits, but his chief subject and love is his wife and children. They always take him to new heights of creativity and beauty.

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