Full Palette Long Pose Figure Painting
Full Palette Long Pose Figure Painting
Instructor: Jason Patrick Jenkins
Monday - Friday
June 29 — July 3, 2020
Time: 9 a.m. - 4 p.m.
Tuition: $599

We begin with the gesture, and work through the block-in and the wipeout. Then we close the grisaille and develop a limited-palette underpainting. The purpose of this stage is not to fully render in a limited palette, but to employ the limited palette in a way that allows information gathering and note taking. This enables the advancement of the drawing, and preliminary value and form development.

We then do a short color study to explore the relationships within the composition and to develop a better understanding of how to achieve the light effect. We utilize those relationships in a strategic way including a discussion of the key of a painting and its importance. Next, we introduce full color to our underpaintings, and begin the process of stretching the value range and building the chroma over several passes. Throughout the development of these passes, we will discuss the use of retouch varnish and oiling out. As we proceed, we will develop form sense and explore the use of edges, thickness, and re-blocking as we explore the addition of smaller shapes, rather than generic blending.

In the final days, the discussion will go to couching, glazing, and medium use, and we will discuss varnishing the work once it is dry. I recommend the use of the full Studio Incamminati palette as you will find in the materials list. However, students are welcome to employ their own preferred palettes, as the process remains much the same. This workshop is for artists of all levels including beginner and intermediate.

About Instructor

Jason Patrick Jenkins is an alumnus and Fellow of Studio |ncamminati, and a 18 year professional with 8 years of formal training. He has studied with Rob Liberace, Dan Thompson, Jon deMartin, Teresa Oaxaca, and Max Ginsburg among many others (including the full faculty of Studio Incamminati), and has practiced in the United States, Canada, and South Korea. Jason is an Art Renewal Center Associate Living Master and a recipient of the Stobart Foundation Grant.

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