Full Color Pastel Painting
Full Color Pastel Painting
Instructor: Lea Colie Wight
September 17 — November 19, 2019
Time: 6 - 9 p.m.
Tuition: $399

There seems to be a preconception of pastel painting. When many artists think of pastel they visualize little girls sniffing flowers or blazing sunsets. The fact is that in the hands of the serious artist pastel is as valid a medium as oil paint. One of the differences is how color is achieved. In pastel, it involves visually mixing color by layering one on top of another until the desired color is found. In oil painting there is more mixing color directly on the canvas or on the palette by merging one pigment into another. Switching back and forth between the two makes both the oil painting and pastel painting more dynamic.

In the first few classes, the work will be done using sticks limited to three colors. This enables students to become comfortable working with line in a painterly manner. After these first two or three evenings, students move into a wider range of colors culminating in full unlimited color.

The concepts covered are dimensional planes, value relationships, color relationships and drawing skills.

Studio Incamminati graduate and instructor Lea Colie Wight, the author of Foundations of Classical Oil Painting, received a 2011 Certificate of Excellence and 2010 and 2009 Honor Awards from the Portrait Society of America. Lea was selected to teach at American Artist magazine's Weekend with the Masters Intensive: New York City and she was on the faculty of the 2012 and 2011 Portrait Society ofAmericafs annual conferences.

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