School Events

Studio Incamminati events such as student and alumni exhibitions, painting and drawing demonstrations, and scholarly presentations further the school's mission of teaching and inspiring artists. Such events also inform the public of the school's particular mission and the broader aspects of contemporary representational art.

Portrait Society of America presents 2017 Portrait Academy
Studio Incamminati Instructor Lea Colie Wight joins renowned artists Quang Ho, Adrienne Stein and Alexandra Tyng for the Portrait Society of America's first 2017 Fall Portrait Academy. The event includes lectures, demos, Q&As and critiques.
Painting in the Moment: The History of Alla Prima: A Ciao Philadelphia event
Alla Prima (Italian for “at first attempt”), in which layers of wet paint are applied to previous wet paint layers, is challenging and satisfying for the artist and the viewer. Learn about its glorious history and watch professional artists demonstrate its power.
Painting Demonstration at The International Celebration  of Imaginative Realism
Instructor Stephen Early, Fellow Christopher Nixon and alumni Tom Plassa from Studio Incamminati, School for Contemporary Realist Art, will demonstrate the school’s approach to establishing and maintaining vitality in your figure painting. They will cover abstracting from nature, the gesture, block-ins, and further stages working from a model. Q&A is encouraged throughout the process.