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Studio Incamminati and Project HOME use art to create a special place

For Studio Incamminati Fellows Rachel Pierson and Dan Mahlman, teaching in Project Homes Art Program for men and women recovering from homelessness, was a perfect fit.

For participant Darlene Allen, it was a pleasant surprise.

“I thought I wouldn’t like it, but I did,” she said. “I really got into the drawing.”

"Nelson Shanks: His Vision in Our Hands"  A special event looks to the future
It was a night for dining and dancing and laughter.

But, mostly, it was a chance look to the future.
Studio Incamminati's signature support event, "Nelson Shanks: His Vision in Our Hands," brought hundreds to the iconic Ballroom at the Ben for a celebration of the school's accomplishments and glimpse of things to come.

ALUMNI PROFLE/Mitsuno Reedy    A summer workshop that lasted four years
After becoming an internationally recognized artist, Mitsuno Reedy might have been satisfied. However, her thirst for improvement led the native Osakan, now living in Oklahoma, down a surprising path.

Course challenges artists to master
the art of drawing and painting hands

The eyes may be the window to the soul, but to an artist it's the hands that can be most revealing.
That's because, for ages, artists have felt that painting believable hands is one of the most difficult tasks to master. With that in mind, art instructor Peter Kelsey felt the need to focus a course on drawing and painting just the human hand.

2015 Advanced Fine Art Program graduates

Studio Incamminati's 2015 Advanced Fine Art Program graduates take heard-earned skills back home to places from Oklahoma to Virginia to Colorado. They will use those skills in different ways, from starting their own ateliers to resuming their professional careers.