ALUMNI PROFILE/Carolyn Gabbe Trying to bring peace and beauty

Carolyn Gabbe can do lots of things. She has been a classical ballet dancer and a nonprofit strategic planner. She’s done set and costume design. But, of all those things she can do, there is just one thing she says must do.
“I can’t not paint.”

 “I had always wanted to pursue visual arts,” she says. “And, when I finally did, it was love at first brushstroke.”

The same friend who had encouraged her to take up painting, gave her a Studio Incamminati brochure. That prompted her to attend a Nelson Shanks painting demonstration. She was hooked. She soon enrolled in the school's Advanced Fine Art Program and immediately the school’s teachings affected her painting and her life.

“Studio Incamminati teaches you to see and describe what you see,” she says, “allowing you to express in your own voice—but with technique.”

From still life to portrait to figurative work, Carolyn works to make her art tell a story. More than just capturing a pose, she works to get to know the person first to better capture his or her character. “I try to paint the elegance of the human form whether face or full figure,” she says. “The similarity—and uniqueness—of everyone is continually inspiring.

“I’m just trying to add peace and beauty to the world.”

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