In China, Instructor Dan Thompson says art was the common language

Instructor Dan Thompson proved once again that art is a universal language.

Thompson, invited to China by The Artists Association of Liaoning Province, was a lecturer and workshop leader at "DIALOG-PEAK,” a symposium on realist art. Although translators were assigned, Thompson found that, with his long-form painting demonstration done over five mornings, it was the picture that told the story.

"I learned in the first five minutes of the workshop that there was very little that the students and I could verbally share,” he said. “The portrait demonstration I painted for them tore apart that divide and proved yet again the great power of visual communication for bridging societies that are traditionally separated."

Thirty-five artists attended the workshop including professors of art, graduate students and professional artists from all over the province. The sessions included discussions of linen preparation, media, oil paint handling, planar construction of the head, painting human features and at-the-easel critiques.

In an on-stage interview and Q&A, Thompson discussed the American art scene and the state of painting education in America. The event was held in the Museum of Song Yu Gui, dedicated to its namesake pen and ink master painter.
“There was also a lot of interest in the way paintings are constructed, the fundamental materials such as rabbit skin glue and flake white,” he said. “We seemed to have one long conversation about how to build a painting, from the ground up."


Studio Incamminati instructor Dan Thompson, at the invitation of an Chiness arts group, conducted a five-day portrait workshop in Liaoning Province. Dan, who also lectured, developed a friendship with his demo model, Li, an art instructor at Luxian University.

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