ALUMNI PROFLE/Mitsuno Reedy A summer workshop that lasted four years

After becoming an internationally recognized artist, Mitsuno Reedy might have been satisfied. However, her thirst for improvement led the native Osakan, now living in Oklahoma, down a surprising path.
Though expecting to simply attend a week-long Studio Incamminati workshop in Philadelphia in 2011, what she experienced was more than she could have imagined. After completing the workshop, she returned to Oklahoma, made the appropriate arrangements and promptly returned to the school to continue learning for another four years.

Such dedication to her art, coming from one whose portraits already hung in numerous schools from business and law to dentistry and science, speaks volumes about Mitsuno. She had painted notables such as opera tenor Luciano Pavarotti and Senior U.S. District Judge Wayne Alley. Her works have been featured in publications such as The Best of Oil Painting," "The Best of Pastels," and "Pastel Artist International" magazine. She had earned recognition in the Portrait Society of America's international competition. Still, Mitsuno thought she could do better.

Her years at Studio Incamminati were spent not so much mastering as re-mastering her art. "From day one (at the workshop), I knew I was where I needed to be," she recalls. Since returning home, her career has thrived as she continues to paint portraits from families and children to civic leaders, military officials, college deans and doctors. Many of her works hang in public institutions and private homes. Her recent solo exhibition, "Dances with Brushes," enjoyed a two-month run at The Depot Gallery, Norman, OK.

Throughout the years of her success, Mitsuno Reedy has remained a humble and quiet character, something rare in the ego-dominated business of art. She paints, she says "... not for the purpose of winning a prestigious award in competitions, or to become rich and famous, but to use my God-given gifts and acquired skills to touch the hearts of the people with my art."