International realist art conference hears
presentation on Face to Face project

Studio Incamminati Teaching Fellow Alisyn Blake brought and intimate and emotional context to her work with Face to Face: The Craniofacial Portrait Project during her presentation "Painting from the Inside Out" at The Representational Art Conference, California Lutheran University, March 3, 2014.

After screening a 17-minute film on the project, Blake detailed her own artistic struggles to bring truth and beauty to her work on the project.

Face to Face, a partnership with The Craniofacial Program at The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, uses the intimate process of portrait painting to help young people with craniofacial conditions see themselves in a different light. It also  probes the larger question of how we all react to a person's appearance.

"How can I describe something as intangible as beauty?," Blake said. "Is it always evident at first glance? Is beauty a product of what we know, have been led to believe by our culture or is it something more? . . .  The answers became clear through the process of capturing "truth" in paint, from what I witnessed firsthand over time. It came by not by hiding Paige's facial conditions, but instead painting her as I saw her. The answer came from looking at Paige with deep admiration for her resilience, humor and tenacious spirit. . .  I painted Paige's portrait from the inside out, brushing truth onto the canvas as I sought to portray her beauty and soul with every stroke."


Face to Face: The Craniofacial Portrait Project video

Face to Face at The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia

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