2020 Graduation: Ruth Feldman Honors Caregivers in Her Family

As this school year comes to a close we want to congratulate our 2020 graduating students both on their tremendous growth throughout our program and their resilience in finishing their thesis work through a pandemic! We know these artists will go on to create important and substantial work in their careers and we look forward to seeing their impact in the art world.

Graduating Student: Ruth Feldman


Describe your visual thesis work:
My thesis artwork represents care giving relationships. All are family members who engaged in care giving professionally and speaks to how we all care for one another personally. Both parents have passed this year, my dad, a beloved pediatrician, and my mother, was a non-practicing social worker disabled by a stroke. My daughter is a nurse practitioner who is now raising three babies. I grew up in a household where caring for others was an ethic to be valued and practiced.

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Ruth Feldman, Nursing Mother Daylight, oil on canvas, 21 x 23, 2018-2019 (Thesis Work)

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Ruth Feldman, Caregiving/Caregiver, oil on canvas, 13 x 19, 2019-2020 (Thesis Work)


What have you learned at Studio Incamminati?
I really can’t say enough good things about the opportunity to study art in depth at a place like Studio Incamminati. My prior career was as an occupational therapist, usually with pediatrics, but I never had time to delve into the workings of visual representation until my 50's. It has been a lifelong dream, usually only in my head, to study art. And I see now that art is in enough itself a lifelong pursuit, I’m glad I’ve gotten started on it.

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Ruth Feldman, Angel, 21 x 23, 2018

To see more of Ruth's work follow her on Instagram.