2020 Graduation: Caitlin Cochran Thinks Deeply About What A Finished Painting Means

As this school year comes to a close we want to congratulate our 2020 graduating students both on their tremendous growth throughout our program and their resilience in finishing their thesis work through a pandemic! We know these artists will go on to create important and substantial work in their careers and we look forward to seeing their impact in the art world.

Graduating Student: Caitlin Cochran


Describe your visual thesis work:
For my thesis, I wanted to think more about what a finish looks like. I was very inspired when Zoey Frank came and talked to us in one of the Bennett-Schmidt lectures and said both what we paint and the way we paint it gives meaning to our work. I was interested in making paintings that felt personal to me and give a sense of an internal, emotional, and quiet atmosphere. I also wanted to create processes of faster and looser painting with something slower and more carefully understood.

thesis 1 cast face

Caitlin Cochran, Laocoon, oil on canvas, 16 x 24, 2020 (Thesis Work)

thesis 2

Caitlin Cochran, Art Book with Red, Yellow, Blue, White, oil on canvas, 12 x 18, 20Cong20 (Thesis Work)

What have you learned at Studio Incamminati?
Studio Incamminati has taught me many valuable lessons about what it means to dedicate yourself to a life of painting. It is a program that is truly immersive. The curriculum is very well thought out and is designed to help you become your own problem-solver, because it teaches you the principles of building a painting—in the realist tradition—from start to finish. The number of hours we spend with the live model is also something I think few schools offer. The faculty is very open and supportive of the students, and they see how being a better teacher goes hand in hand with their own understanding, so they are very committed guides.


Caitlin Cochran, Maggie, oil on canvas, 16 x 20, 2019

What are your plans for the future?
This coming fall, I am excited to teach art and art history at Martin Saints Classical High School in Oreland, PA. I will also, as always, keep learning and growing as a painter.

To see more of Caitlin’s work follow her on Instagram.