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ALUMNI PROFILE/ Dian Paramita celebrates ephemerality of daily life

Where most people see a dead fish, or, a neatly sliced pineapple, Dian Paramita sees beauty. Fleeting beauty.“My artwork centers on celebrating the ephemerality of everyday life,” says the Indonesia native and former marketing professional.

"I am intrigued by the Japanese philosophy of wabi-sabi, which embraces beauty in the naturally imperfect world.”Her artistic vision has been steadily growing. After her 2016 graduation, Dian’s first solo exhibition was “Food for Thought”—30 paintings of various foods. In a nod to Studio Incamminati’s training to have its artists give back, 20% of artwork sales were donated to a non-profit that prepares and delivers healthy meals to underserved people.

Dian, now based in Dallas with her husband (and former Studio Incamminati student) Chris Brizzard, has been working on honing her painting—and networking—skills. She’s been a part of numerous Dallas-area shows and her work is exhibited in the city’s The Dutch Art Gallery. On a wider scale, her paintings are exhibited in the Los Angeles Gallery of Art and the Senimart Gallery in Indonesia.

“In the past two years, I drew my inspirations from food, fish, and water. I love to interpret the evanescent nature of the subject matters and to capture the gleaming, brilliant textures into two-dimensional surface,” she says. “My aim of painting these short-lived subjects is mainly to preserve their existence and to expose their visual significance before they vanish.” She also stays busy preparing for her first international solo exhibition in Indonesia, fulfilling commissions and planning to organize and art retreat program bringing artists to the tropical islands in Indonesia.

“The training at Studio Incamminati has been so valuable in many aspects of my life,” she says. “I started with very little knowledge of painting, and left with a strong foundation to articulate my art.”