ALUMNI PROFILE/ Shira Friedman finds beauty in everyday things

Shira Friedman already had earned her BFA from Syracuse University and pursued studies at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts. But, it was at a Studio Incmminati form painting workshop when her true direction as an artist beckoned.

That direction became even clearer after her 2015 graduation from the Advanced Fine Art Program, when she was awarded a school fellowship.

“I found the fellowship program extremely helpful," she says. "It provides a community of support and network and exposure that is really necessary for growing a career as an artist.” She has made the most of those opportunities, sharpening her artistic skills and aesthetics, especially her passion for still life painting.

“My paintings reflect my belief that beauty is inherent in everyday people and objects.”

Meanwhile, others are noticing her passion as well as her rapidly developing skills and creativity in capturing that everyday beauty. She was a finalist in International Artist magazine’s Still Life challenge where her work and her technique was showcased. She also grabbed third place in the highly competitive Richeson 75 International Still Life and Floral competition and a coveted spot in the Portrait Society of America's Members Only competition. She has been part of Studio Incamminati exhibitions at galleries ranging from Avery Galleries, Malvern - where she was part of an exhibition of nine contemporary women artists - to Stanek Galleries, Philadedphia to Manitou Galleries, Santa Fe.

"I believe some of these opportunities wouldn't have existed," she says. "if I were out there on my own."