ALUMNI PROFILE/ Jennifer Hagen Bowen keeps on pushing

For Jennifer Hagen Bowen, an art career is more than just “pushing paint” it's about pushing through.

Meeting challenges head on was her approach as a student and it has carried over into her professional career back home in Florida. In addition to the usual obstacles such as paying for models and procuring a home studio, she tends to a 1-year-old son, Gage, and is expecting another child. “Overall, I would say to my fellow artists ‘endeavor to persevere,’” she said “and give your career time—and a strong push.”

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Jen also keeps busy providing pieces to the Rutledge Street Gallery, the Camden, SC gallery that represents her. “They keep selling mine,” she said. She also is working on increasing her representation at other galleries, entering local competitions and shows, painting the occasional commission (“I just received one to paint an expectant mother I know who wants a different way to document her pregnancy.”) and preparing to offer classes at her just-built home studio this fall.

And, she says, it all began in Philadelphia.“Studio Incamminati is still one of the best decisions I have ever made and I would still choose it as the art school to attend even with all of the current choices out there,” she said. “I appreciate each of the teacher’s time and energy. I especially love the teaching program which gave me the experience to come back here and teach in my own community.”

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